Tai Porto

kissuka replied to your video “a bouncing ball animation I did for school.”

so you study 3D animation too? Now that’s interesting :D

3D animation, 2D animation, character design, concept art, story boarding, cinematography, yada yada.

a bouncing ball animation I did for school.

pasacon's character

pasacon's character

pumpkin will cheer her up. pumpkin make everyone feel better.

some flash backs of my life, i couldn’t remember the rest, most of the rest are bad, or hard to picture.
where did things go wrong…

my week 1 and 2 concept art assignment.

will it every week. if I received one.


The Film Renegado: Renegado’s Power Recaps. S01E01-Mega Mission
Who said the world had enough grown up dorks talking about Power Rangers? Renegado begins a new series of recaps focused on the show’s latest seasons: Megaforce and Super Megaforce. Will he survive until the end? Watch and find out!

The killer bunny rabbit from monty pythons holy grail :3


does that even count?


A couple more of this week’s doodles.
1: Cats vs Bunnies with tai-porto
2: More Q because YES
3: Idc I AM PUMPED FOR NEW DIGIMON!!! Fyeah!!! Also… Can u say… OTP!!!?
4: It rained, I walked, shit happened… I ended up soaking wet, except from my bum

sometimes, we all need some madness.


I got tagged

Rule#1: always post the rules.
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I love answering questions, but I hate tagging people, so here we go.

1. What is the best way to record human history in your opinion and why? (for example; paintings of war; books about inventions.. etc)

there is no best way to it, every generation (according to how it’s technological advanced as well), age, race, country, culture will always have a different way of recording it.
the way it’s recorded is just a way 
that reflect that period of time.

2. What do you prefer, knowing the ugly truth, or believing the beautiful lie? 

slap me with that truth, living a lie, avoiding reality is just weak and pathetic.

3. If you had to choose your own destiny, what would it be? 

To live a life full accomplishment and glory.
Also to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

4. Who is your favorite visual artist?

JungGi Kim hoooooooooooly shit this guy amazing.

also you <3 (علشان لا تزعلي)

5. What touches your heart first, visuals or sounds? 

visuals. my ear is not that great.

6. Whats your best childhood memory?

hang out with my cousin and uncle in my uncle’s farm, 3 of us going on crazy adventures.

7. What your favorite color? (lol)


8. If you had the choice to become any animal of your choice, what would it be? 

I asked my self and others this so many times, but i can never figure it out.
some say I’m a bunny, some say i’m a doggy, and I feel drugged wolf.

9. Digimon or Pokemon? 


10. What’s more important in a relationship, love/lust or friendship? 

All. My lover is my best friend before being a lover. and what’s wrong with a little of lust. Lust drive me insane.

11. What’s the most valuable compound on this earth (to you, personally)?

hmmm that’s a tough one.
i’m not sure.